Hello and welcome to ‘I know a great little spot’.  My name’s Lindsey, a 32 year old British expat lucky enough to be temporarily living in Sydney with my husband, Ollie.  A sense of adventure and a desire to escape our busy and habitual London lives brought us to Sydney a year and a half ago, and since arriving we quickly realised it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

We both committed to discover as much of Australia as we possibly could, as we weren’t sure when the homeland would start to pull us home.  But we quickly realised, as many expats will be able to relate to, that your limited number of annual leave days are more often than not spent going home for that wedding you just can’t miss, a hen or stag do, or a family celebration.  We soon discovered the need to somehow balance this out with not wanting to miss out on the main reason that we decided to move here – to explore new places and experience new things.  This forced us to pack in a whole lot of travelling from long weekends, quick get aways and day trips, which is exactly how ‘i know a great little spot’ came about.

Our blog isn’t just for expats, but anyone who is restricted by a lack of time for whatever reason that might be.  Follow for our latest top tips and recommendations to help keep that sense of adventure alive and explore the incredible great little spots Australia has to offer, without sacrificing those precious annual leave days or breaking the bank.  Only a few posts live for now but watch this space…enjoy!